5 Tips for Keeping Your VPN Service Safe

In corporate networks remote access is typically granted to trusted employees and key customers. Access to the corporate network is possible, for example, through the use of VPN service. Maintaining a secure network containing virtual private networks is a demanding task. Every remote and uncontrolled computer, creates a potential loophole for Internet attacks. Here are five safety tips for VPN software users.

1. Enforce the use of strong passwords. If you are not using effective authentication methods, such as cryptographic smart cards or tokens, you must reckon with the fact that static password can be easily guessed or stolen. EBay has lost hundreds of user accounts because someone was able to guess banal passwords. Block trivial set of words and numbers(such as “admin1234”), which might be easy to remember, but bear a serious threat to network safety. Check if your VPN software allows the use of whole sentences as passwords; if yes, find a method to encourage the users to use them – they can be stolen, but it is virtually impossible to simply guess them. If VPN user authentication is password-based, never use the same password for email, since most email programs remember passwords, and extracting them from the OS registry is as easy as pie even for an inexperienced hacker.

2. Protect users from viruses and Trojans. Enforce the use of anti virus programs and personal firewalls on client computers connecting to the VPN. When connected to your network via VPN, even one infected computer can infect all the others. Do not give full access to the uncertain computers. If a remote consultant desires to connect to your network using a VPN server and you are not sure about safety of his operating system, do not give him full access until you make sure that it is not spreading viruses or Trojan horses.

3. Define clear policies for Internet use. Some companies are forcing remote users to connect to the Internet via VPN, others allow you to enter the Web through a separate user’s connection, , using VPN service only in the corporate network. The first solution is obviously safer, yet the latter is faster for the user. If – because of security requirements – the users can access the Internet through corporate proxy server, then make sure they connect to the VPN server from business notebooks only, on which they cannot change the VPN client configuration.

4. Use the strongest data encryption protocol available. Security breaches can be prevented with great success rate by using commonly accepted protocols such as IPSec – including ESP (Encapsulation Security Payload), SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Level Security).

5. Do not forget about the WLAN on the client’s side. Many people use low-cost WLAN access-points, whose default security measures, such as WPA (Wifi Protected Access) are disabled, or which have only weak WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). An intruder in your home network can quickly and effortlessly invade the corporate network. Educate users on proper WLAN security, and tell them how to enable simple but effective security measures such as WPA-PSK (WPA Pre-Shared Key).

Computer Networking Services for Small Business

Computer networking services is an in-demand job in the small business world. This position consists of setting up and organizing computer networks within an office environment. Establishing security and resolving IT issues are also part of the job. There are several main tasks that computer networking services for small business will handle.

No matter what size business you have, internet security should be at the top of your list. It is very easy for employees to access non work-related websites without proper security in place. Working in computer network technician, you will need to set up and maintain a security system on all computers in the office. The first task in ensuring network security is blocking any inappropriate sites from the server. Typically programs can be used to black list any websites that fall under unwanted categories such as entertainment, social media, shopping and adult. During the set up process you may also want to establish websites that are allowed, called a white list or a safe list, to ensure they do not get blocked accidentally. Additionally, it is important to set up security passwords and user accounts on office computers. This helps keep data protected and keeps private and shared files separated.

Employee Monitoring
As an IT specialist, it is also possible to setup employee monitoring systems on office computers. If a manager is concerned about employees staying on-task, this might be a big part of your computer networking job. It can be difficult for a manager in charge of multiple employees working on different computers to keep track of everyone. Employers can utilize employee monitoring to ensure that staff members are doing their job accordingly during work hours. A tracker can be installed through the network to establish when work is being completed and when it is not. This will help employers better monitor their staff and promote or demote them accordingly.

Internet and Networking
In the small business world, the network technician is also responsible for setting up a stable internet connection. In the average household, a family may use up to five or six devices on their internet router at one time. In an office setting, it is sometimes necessary for hundreds of computers to operate on the same internet infrastructure without crashing the system. By setting up different types of network connections, the IT specialist is able to give a business the internet and networking capabilities it needs without sacrificing speed or quality of the service. Most small businesses that house multiple computers need all their devices to have the same accessibility to programs and information across the network. In many cases, it is also important for employees to have remote access to the system as well. Computer networking services can handle making that important connectivity possible.

Computer networking services is an incredibly relevant career that many people are choosing to pursue. As technology continues to grow, this position will continue to be important and in high demand. Positions in computer networking and IT are offered by companies worldwide, so this type of career can open doors to opportunities around the globe. These positions offer ample transfer opportunities to other countries within large corporations such as Microsoft and earnings can be quite lucrative. It is estimated that people working in computer networking services will maintain a salary between $60,000 and $300,000 per year depending on the company they are working for, the location, and the job demands. As long as computers are playing an integral role in modern business, computer networking services and IT specialists will be needed by companies large and small.

Compose Music Quickly with Music Notation Software

Music notation software helps you to compose music quickly and easily. Maestro Notation is one of the leading solutions and it’s much more affordable than many competing products too. It provides you with everything you need to create professional-quality music. Maestro Notation allows composers, teachers and students to easily and quickly create a sheet music. There are a variety of input methods including complete support for MIDI keyboards. MusicXML files which have been scanned over from other software can also be imported into Maestro Notation. You’ll no doubt be amazed by how quickly you can create sheet music using this solution thanks to its many input methods and handy features to help make your life easier.

Maestro Notation prides itself on being one of the quicker and easier programs in the world of music notation software. To provide a versatile solution to users, there are a variety of flexible input options. You can use the mouse, keyboard or MIDI keyboard to enter musical notes in step-time or real-time. The Quick Input method offers the fastest way of getting your compositions done in minimal time. It’s also possible to drag and drop articulations and other musical symbols directly into the sheet. Markings can be attached to any note with just one click of the mouse. Once you’ve made your changes, you can listen to a completely accurate and professional-quality playback of the audio.

Maestro Notation provides everything you need to keep your music high-quality to a professional standard. Crisp and clean notation is provided courtesy of flexible templates, the possibility to easily add multiple articulations and dynamics and much more. There are also dozens of instruments to choose from. Additionally, various special score markings are supported including guitar finger diagrams and tablature. Adding these markings is simply a matter of a few clicks of the mouse.

Maestro Notation provides some of the most powerful flexible design and layout tools available. All of the tools that you need to get the job done are organized in a user-friendly and easily accessible way in pallets at the bottom of your screen. You don’t need to spend time searching through menus to find the tools you need. Contextual right-click options are also provided to make editing any part of your music easier than ever. The music notation software makes it possible to customize the beaming of barred notes as well. The design tools provide the possibility of adding images into the score. You can customize the entire look and feel of your sheet music with various options so that you get exactly the results you want.

Once you’ve completed your project, you can take advantage of a wide choice of output options. The finished notation sheets can be saved in the program’s own format SFD, MusicXML, MIDI, Karaoke or PDF. Many graphical file formats are supported too, including TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF and JPEG. It’s easy to publish live scores online, using Maestro OnLine plugin.

Learn More About The Process of Mobile Application Development

I bet you are one of those people who cannot imagine stepping out of their homes without their handheld gadgets. When buying these gadgets and devices, say a mobile phone, for instance, the mere fact that it can make calls and send text messages is not enough. The other features and other benefits of the phone, as well as the apps included, are also given a lot of thought. We also want to be able to add apps to it at a later date. However, most of us only care what’s already built into them. We don’t really give any thought or attention to how it came about, or what went on before. The process is called mobile application development.

The introduction of the iPhone triggered so many technological advancements in the mobile industry. Soon the industry engaged in producing mobile devices and gadgets are racing against each other in coming up with ‘the latest’, ‘the best’, and ‘the fastest’. Consumers definitely benefit from this competition. Basically, mobile application development involves all the thoughts and processes that go into the creation and development of the various application software found in small handheld gadgets and devices. Aside from mobile phones, another example of said handheld devices include personal digital assistants or PDAs.

These mobile apps are obtained by users in a number of ways. It is possible to have the apps installed during the latter parts of the device’s manufacturing stage. They could also be installed during the purchasing stage. A personal favorite among users would be to download these mobile apps into their phones. Thanks to the increasing number of mobile application developers these days, downloading has become a favorite method. You cannot hope to make very good mobile applications if you don’t have the right tools. They will be needed to get a start on the creation and also during the entire process. The tools can be found in the integrated development environments or IDEs found within the different mobile application platforms.

The most common and popular platforms for mobile applications include J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition), Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile. These tools are then used primarily for the writing of these applications. There are developmental tools that you can obtain at a fee while there are also those that you can get for free.

Testing of the mobile applications would follow, and that is done within the development environment itself. Emulators are used to initially test these mobile apps since they are relatively inexpensive and simple to use. Afterwards, the mobile apps will be subjected to field testing. In this stage, the field testing will be done directly in the target platform environment. The mobile apps will eventually get to the end users in this environment.

If you want proof of just how much mobile application development has grown and advanced, you need only look at the application stores and markets. Users will have a field day just trying to go through every mobile app found in these application stores.

Making Your Wedding Photography Shoot Perfect

Many people feel that creating the best wedding photography is entirely on the professional photographer. While they do have a hand in it, you too, can help to make your wedding pictures perfect. In this article we will be giving you a few tips to make your wedding photography shoot the best. We have broken this down into a few simple lists of dos and don’ts. We will also offer you a few final tips to improve your photography experience. Just follow this guide and your wedding pictures will be great.

Do’s – Here are some things that you should do to make your wedding photography the best:
• Opt for a professional photographer with wedding experience;
• Scope out the places where you want to take your photos before the wedding;
• Tell the photographer your expectations for your pictures. Let them know what you wish to look like in pictures, and what pictures/types of pictures you would like;
• Follow the schedule set-up by your photographer as closely as possible;
• Be sure to let your photographer know each of the events that you want covered on the day of your wedding.
Don’ts – For the best wedding photography, do NOT do these things:
• Do not forget to tell your photographer about your color scheme well before the wedding day;
• Do not let other family members get in the way of the shots that you want;
• Do not do clichéd shots for your wedding photos. Instead try something new and fun;
• Do not let the photographer decide every shot. Instead, communicate with them during the shot. Try something fun!
• Do not do shots that are only in color, only in sepia tones, or only in a filter. Instead, opt for shots of all different colors and even ask your photographer to experiment with it so you can choose.

Other Advice

Know that professional wedding photography is not cheap. But paying extra for the service is worth it. Be sure to plan your photo shot well in advance. Then, consult your wedding photographer Waco, TX about your wants. Also be sure to ask them for advice about potential scenery to use in your wedding photography shoot. During your photo shoot, think about taking breaks often. This will prevent anyone from getting moody, and all it takes is for one mean face to ruin a good picture. You may want to provide drinks and snacks. Understand that no one wants to be on a shoot all day. Make it short and make it count.

How Developing a Mobile App Can Drive Revenue for Your Business

For entrepreneurs, turning their vision into a business is a big dream and it does not come easily. There are varied challenges that come from different corners and with the development of technology the chances of success have also increased. Mobile marketing is the new trend and various mobile apps can now help businesses engage their customers in a better way and also keep their employees well connected and boost the bottom line. In simple words, taking advantage of new innovations and mobile technology ensures that your company remains ahead of the market competition.

From implementing specific features like GPS down to the fact that people are carrying computers in their pockets, today smartphones also open up a world of opportunities for businesses both large and small.

Here is how a mobile app can help you

Geo targeted push notifications:

It was earlier suggested that mobile devices would present users with information all over the world in an automatic way. Today, geo targeted push notifications can be used in various ways in businesses:
• Notify fans about events, concerts and updates about the availability of tickets
• A national chain can send city or region based notifications about specific discounts or offers based on the user’s interest.
• Retailers can boost their loyalty by sending special offers to their customers who have been purchasing for the past few years.
• Businesses owners can also announce sales or discounts on their products during specific seasons.

Mobile apps offer additional sales opportunities:

Another biggest opportunity for businesses using mobile apps is to open up a whole new world of customers and engagement opportunities. Interactions with the customers has become geo-agnostic and mobile apps maximize the opportunity to reach the users within no time. There are push notifications that might remind the users of a nearly abandoned shopping cart and also bring them back and offer a more seamless experience for storing login information, which means an easier path to purchase and make transactions.

Data gathering:

Another powerful advantage of mobile apps for online business is that they can easily trace the behavior of the customer and what they actually want. Important things that can keep the users engaged or even at times turn them off can be analyzed. Tracking signals from mobile devices are opening the world of data gathering and analytics for the marketers. It is by using this data that advertisers can understand the behavior of the visitors and also use the information collected to make essential changes in the marketing strategy.

Dynamic sale offers:

Once you get tied up with technology and start using push notifications, you will observe that many magical things will start to happen. Businesses can now gather essential customer data and track the ad campaigns to deliver best sales offers at the right time. Various mobile apps enable businesses to do varied things and implement dynamic sales strategies to boost revenues. For example, there are certain seasons when people do a lot of online shopping. Giving them discounts during festive seasons often increases the sales and ultimate revenues.

Wearable devices are drawing attention:

As per the International Data Corporation, the market for wearables is assumed to experience a composite annual growth of about 20.3%. From body sensors, wearable cameras to healthcare tracking devices, wearables are gaining popularity and are going beyond the healthcare industry and is going to be one of the most promising mobile app development trends of 2017.

Pushing through the funnel:

There are many customers who browse through the store, check various products and then walk out to another store without making a purchase. This is called bounce and online users bounce for various reasons and the reasons are even greater when it is on mobile. Some reasons are that the users might not have a credit card handy, or typing the information may be too tedious or there may be some other distractions and they may simply put their phone back in their pocket. One way to restrict this transaction abandonment is through automated address filling. Using the GPS of a phone, the transactional app can easily detect the user’s location and automatically fill the address data. Such mobile applications make the transactions easier and reduces the bounce rates.

Become competitive:

Many showroom owners complain that shoppers visit the physical store to inspect the goods in person and then after finalizing on the product, they purchase it online where the prices are usually cheaper. Price comparison tools help the retailers drive additional website traffic and sales and mobile apps are helping businesses to increase ROI by increasing their efficiency. With the apps, users can be narrowly targeted and customers can be lured back to make a purchase. All these efficiencies result in generating more revenues and enhance the overall customer’s experience.

Important Reasons To Consider Windows Mobile App Development

You must have noticed people holding their Android phones or iPhones for communication or shopping, but now new operating systems are also entering the market with great features and the trends are also changing. It is really interesting to note that 57% of the developers still plan to develop mobile apps for Windows phone as its marketplace has crossed over 1 million.

Everyone would love to go for a sleek interface, integration with cloud services and easy availability of other Microsoft products like Office 365, Xbox, OneDrive and many more in a single device. And this is the reason why Windows Phone is still preferred by the developers and business owners. It has been able to successfully carve out a dominant place in the market for itself.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why building Windows app would be beneficial to enhance your business recognition and also cover a gamut of people who would be aware of the application.

Simple and advanced user interface:
Today, every user expects an easy to use interface for their mobile devices so that they can perform their tasks quickly. Windows phones are sensitive and uses an advanced user interface that entraps the attention of the people and also enhances its popularity. Users always want all tasks to be performed within limited time and speed, efficiency and performance is what they look for in their devices. Windows operating systems provide all these and this is the reason why enterprises and organizations choose Windows to build their mobile apps. Since its popularity is at its peak, building an app for this operating system would increase the awareness of the Windows app among the people and cover a larger spectrum of audience.

Build apps once and get it everywhere:
Another major concern that most developers worry about is that, in order to make any app popular, it is important to make it available on multiple platforms so that it can cover a huge audience base. The way Microsoft is tackling the mobile first method, is very clearly present in the latest release of Visual Studio. The current release has made it easier for iOS developers to quickly migrate to Windows mobile app development with complete support for Objective-C development in Windows Apps. Visual Studio now supports building of apps for Windows, iOS and Android as one platform.

Publishing Windows apps is easy:
Windows mobile app publishing is one the easiest methods of deploying apps to your enterprise when compared to iOS and Android. iOS requires applying a certificate to your app. Microsoft does not need a specific enterprise certificate as Apple needs. Microsoft has also come up with various tools to build apps that can be easily tested and published. The tools allow you to create an app within a few hours and this helps to get the work completed faster and also in an efficient manner. After the app has been created, it can be uploaded to any mobile app manager like AirWatch or MobileIron and published to an enterprise app store.

Secure Your Web Application Like Your Own House

An easy way to view web application security is by picturing your own house. It has a front door, a back door, windows, a number of rooms, a roof, boundary fences and different access routes. Only the terminology is different.

The Front Door.
The front door of any web application is the login page and, not surprisingly, it is the primary point of attack. A login page will consist of edit boxes to type a user name and password and a button to send these for the server to authenticate your access to the rest of the web application. Some login pages may provide a captcha to make sure you are a human being and not a mock-up of the same form on a different server. The mock-up form will cycle through variations of user names and passwords until it gains access to the application. This is known as cross-site forgery and is akin to a burglar forging the keys to your house.

Captchas are jumbled images of scrambled letters and numbers which make it impossible for an automated script to read. Unfortunately, as the scripts become cleverer at reading these images, the captcha images need to become more complex and harder for humans to read. This causes frustration for the end-user as they have repeated failed attempts at gaining access to their account because the captcha was unreadable. The solution to this has been to replace the captcha with a secure token. The secure token is generated my joining the user name, password and any other user information available with a uniquely generated key. This concatenation is then encrypted and stored as a hidden field in the form, thus making it impossible for any mock-up form to make a successful login attempt.

The Windows and Back Door.
What are the windows of a web application? I don’t mean the operating system on the server. I’m talking about potential areas of each page which could be broken to make a forced entry. These areas are edit boxes and text areas which allow a user to type information. An attacker will use edit boxes and text areas to enter commands which the database understands. If the software is not written securely then it is very easy to interrupt the database when it is saving the data, so that it will execute the commands supplied by the attacker. Typical attacks could result in the database being destroyed, data being stolen or user information being compromised. This type of attack is known as SQL injection.

Boundary Fences.
The boundary fences of a web page are any links, editable areas and the main URL address. The URL of the page itself and links embedded in the page can be copied and modified from another site so that commands can be executed by the server. Javascript code can be inserted into editable areas to force data to be submitted to a rogue site or to gain control of the user’s web browser. Database commands can also be inserted into the main URL address. These attacks are known as cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks because they are scripts which direct the user to an attacker’s own web site. XSS attacks could be used to steal a user’s authenticated session identifier and use it to increase the level of access of another account they have already created.

To prevent cross-site scripting, the software must scan all editable areas for code and also include a secure token in each URL and link. Just as holes and gaps in fences should be closed. All secure pages should check for the existence of an authenticated user.

We have all experienced bogus house callers who claim to be the gas man or the water company saying they need to gain access to your house to turn off your supply. Web site attackers may contact you or any other users of your site by email, social network or telephone and trick you into revealing your login details. Reasons they may give could be that your web site has already been hacked and they can fix it if you provide them with access. The only prevention is to constantly remind your users that they should not reveal their username and password to anyone and that you as the site owner will never ask them to reveal their password. You should provide links to allow your users to reset forgotten passwords by sending them an email link with an encrypted token to guarantee its source.

Brute force entry.
The simplest and quickest method of entry for any burglar to break into a house is to use a crowbar to prise open a door, or smash a window with a brick.
The hi-tech version of this method is the Denial of Service attack (DoS). A DoS attack involves repeatedly targeting a web page until the web server runs out of memory and shuts itself down.

As the number of burglars diminish, the number of hackers is increasing. A burglar may have only been after financial gain, where as a hacker’s motivation could be political, financial or just malicious damage. A house without any protection may never get burgled, but it is a certainty that an unsecure web site will eventually be attacked.

5 Characteristics to Compare Before Purchasing a Probe Station Unit

The probe station unit has undergone numerous technological advances over the past decade. Researchers now have more options to choose from which is beneficial but can make it difficult to effectively compare unique probe station units prior to purchasing. This tool represents a significant financial investment so it is important to select the best solution for today and tomorrow. Fortunately, focusing on five key characteristics can make the comparison process easier and more accurate.

1. With the growing popularity of cryogenic measurements time-consuming wiring of an on-wafer device is no longer necessary. Today’s platforms allow for visualization and electrical interrogation of multiple wafer level devices. Unfortunately, this comes with a trade-off. Optical access to inflexible probing of a device can transfer heat loads from the probe arm to the device being tested. To minimize this effect, it is essential the probe station unit has some type of shield or other technology to reduce thermal radiation on the sample. Multiple experiments have shown that even the smallest amount of thermal radiation transfer can alter the end results.

2. Another characteristic to compare before purchasing a probe station unit is the ability to make automated variable temperature measurements. Traditionally, probe arms are anchored to the sample stage and the probe tip will move as the sample stage warms. This makes it difficult to automate variable temperature measurements because the probes must be lifted and re-landed for any noticeable temperature transition. The ability to create stable tip position which allows for continuous measurements is critical. Not only does it ensure accuracy but it also provides increased measurement functionality.

3. The sample holders on the probe station unit must be compared as well. Most units offer a variety of sample holders to choose from. Popular options include a grounded sample holder, co-axle sample holder, and isolated sample holder although several additional options are available as well. When comparing units, it is critical to ensure researchers can use the necessary sample holder required to accurately complete their experiment.

4. The probe station units’ vision system is critical to compare before purchasing. This system is responsible for distinguishing characteristics of the sample and properly landing probes. Depending upon the experiment the level of detail provided by the vision system varies. Thus, researchers must consider current experiments as well as future needs when comparing vision systems.

5. The final characteristic to compare before purchasing a probe station unit is overall system versatility. Considering the significant upfront cost, it is imperative researchers make the most out of their unit by selecting an option which allows for successful research utilizing a variety of methods. As more probe station units become customizable or modular overall flexibility and research capabilities continue to expand.

Considering the significant financial investment required to purchase a quality probe station unit it is not surprising how much time and resources are used to accurately compare available options. By focusing on the five key characteristics an accurate comparison can be completed quickly and easily.